Our Vision and Goals

“We share the vision of Indigenous Peoples of the world united in the collective synergy of self determination through control of higher education”

“We are committed to building partnerships that restore and retain indigenous spirituality, cultures and languages, homelands, social systems, economic systems and self-determination”

“WINHEC provides an international forum and support for Indigenous Peoples to pursue common goals through higher education”

WINHEC  is founded according the United  Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. UNDRIP.


  1. Accelerate the articulation of Indigenous epistemology (ways of knowing, education, philosophy, and research);
  2. Protect and enhance Indigenous spiritual beliefs, culture and languages through higher education;
  3. Advance the social, economical, and political status of Indigenous Peoples that contribute to the well-being of indigenous communities through higher education;
  4. Create an accreditation body for indigenous education initiatives and systems that identify common criteria, practices and principles by which Indigenous Peoples live;
  5. Recognize the significance of Indigenous education;
  6. Create a global network for sharing knowledge through exchange forums and state of the art technology ; and
  7. Recognize the educational rights of Indigenous Peoples.